Catchphrase 2017



Back soon!

We love this hit ITV quiz show with the brilliant Stephen Mulhern at the helm!

This is the series where all the contestants need to do to win big, is to ‘Say what they See’, and on this show the contestants could be winning ­­very big indeed­, there’ll be prizes galore and a whopping £50,000 available to win on every show.

All the contestants have to do is simply identify a familiar phrase from an animation; it could be a popular saying, the title of a film, or maybe a song. Some of them will be hard to get, and some of the answers will be hard to believe!

As well as the familiar contestant based episodes there’ll also be two Celebrity Specials.

Limited availability, but get in early and you will secure your free tickets to this smash hit show when it returns very soon!



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Show title

Catchphrase 2017

Location / studio

The London Studios, London SE1

Ticket age restriction

Minimum age limit 12+ Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.

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