Welcome to the applausepriorityclub®

Our fun, unique and exclusive membership club.

Hopefully, by now, you will know that all of our television audience tickets are totally free of charge, and anyone and everyone can register, login, request and book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (min age restrictions apply).

On certain occasions depending on distance, travel arrangements and if people have been turned away from a previous show, we issue priority tickets* which guarantee entrance into the studio.

If you fancy receiving exclusive club member emails, exciting special offers
 and priority tickets* (subject to availability), then our membership club is for you! But remember you do not have to become a member of the ApplausestorePriorityClub to receive any of our free audience tickets. 

Membership costs £35 per year and is valid for everyone on your ticket.

Joining is instant and your annual membership level will appear the next time you log in. It's that simple.

So what are you waiting for... join now!

Full terms & conditions - please read and accept

*You can register, login, request, book and receive our free audience tickets without ever having to become an applausestoreclub member at www.applausestore.com. Registration is free. All tickets are free of charge, subject to availability and served on a first come, first served basis. Terms and conditions apply. We cannot guarantee you a booking for each of your requested shows/productions. Club members can request up to the maximum available for any show, general/priority tickets per booking which are all subject to availability. We do not recommend you join the applausestoreclub if you are interested in only one particular show/series as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request. Annual club membership fee is for administration and VAT costs only.

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