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Privacy Policy

How we store, protect and use the information you give us.

About this policy

This website is owned and run by the ApplauseStore® Group which respects your privacy and will continue to do so in the online world.

ApplauseStore® is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information with total transparency about the information it collects and what it will do with it. We have put in place measures to protect your information and keep it secure. We will respect your data protection rights and aim to give you control over your own information.

We will use the information you give us for the purposes described in our Privacy Policy, which includes providing you with our free television & radio audience ticketing services you have requested and enhancing your experience with ApplauseStore®. We will also use the information to help us understand you better so that we can give you relevant show/merchandise offers.

If you tell us you don’t want to receive marketing messages we will stop sending them. We will, however, continue to send important information relating to your free audience tickets or purchases to keep you informed about your booking and/or merchandise.

You can access our full Privacy Policy below to help you to understand better how we use your personal information. In it, we explain in more detail the types of personal information we collect, how we collect it, what we may use it for and who we may share it with. If you have further questions please get in touch with us by writing to: Data Protection Officer, ApplauseStore® Productions Limited Head Office, Suite A, 4-6 Canfield Place, London NW6 3BT, United Kingdom.

Controller of Personal Information

Any personal information processed by ApplauseStore® in connection with this Privacy Policy is controlled by ApplauseStore® Productions Limited which is considered the “data controller” of your personal information under European Union and UK data protection law. Our registered address: Data Protection Officer, ApplauseStore® Productions Limited Head Office, Suite A, 4-6 Canfield Place, London NW6 3BT, United Kingdom.

What do we mean by personal information?

Personal information means details which identify you or could be used to identify you, such as your name and contact details, your ticket bookings and merchandise purchase history. It may also include information about how you use our websites and mobile applications.

When does this policy apply?

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information about you that we collect, use and otherwise process regarding your relationship with us as a member or potential member, including when you book tickets with us or use our other services, use our websites or mobile applications, contact our Audience Agents or Call Centres.

How can you keep your personal information secure?

We take great care to protect the personal information you provide to us. Here are some things you can do to keep your information secure:

Passwords are like your keys. Make it as strong as possible, the longer it is, the better. Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters and avoid using personal information, dictionary words and consecutive numbers as these can be guessed.

We strongly urge that you never share your ApplauseStore® password with anyone. You will only be asked for your ApplauseStore® password when you are logging in as a member. If you believe someone else has obtained access to your password, please change it immediately or request it to be changed by contacting us.

When do we collect personal information about you?

When you first register to become a member with our site you will be asked for your first and last/surname, mobile/cell number, email address, gender, birthday, city, county/state, postcode/zip code and country. In order to use our free ticketing service you must provide this information to us. A member can then access their submitted information and make changes at any time via the 'My Account' drop-down section of the site. A member’s last/surname cannot be altered due to members’ attempts to transfer e-tickets as all our e-tickets are non-transferable. To alter your last/surname, please send an email to A user can also change and/or cancel their membership at any time by visiting the “Delete my Account” box within the Edit Details section of the ‘My Account'.

Optional 'Casting' Information

Our website and mobile app (launching winter 2024) offers members the ability to set up an optional casting profile, under the ‘Casting’ section. 

Information includes members’ personal attributes, interests and preferences, such as ethnicity, hair colour, eye colour, height, weight and special skills. It also offers members the ability to submit and store photos of themselves, under the ‘My photo’ section. 

Our mobile app and website offer users the ability to receive notifications and emails regarding upcoming productions and castings. A member can opt out of receiving emails at any time or change their notification settings within the app itself. 

What types of personal information do we collect and retain?

We only retain the data you provide, including your ticket booking history and data we collect when you use our free ticket services or merchandise purchases. No payment information is held. Your data may be used for the following purposes; screening, safety, security, administrative purposes, casting, maintenance and development, customer relations and to help us in any future dealings with you, for example; by identifying your requirements and show/presenter preferences.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work or work more efficiently, as well as to provide business and marketing information to the owners of the site. For more detailed information on cookies visit ApplauseStore® Productions Limited is not responsible for the content of other websites.

When will we send you marketing?

When we collect information directly from you we may ask you if you do not want to receive our marketing communications. Please be aware that we do sometimes send marketing communications that promote a third party’s products and services (for example, those of our business partners) as well as our own.

We may ask if you consent to receive marketing communications from other members of our group or from third parties.

We will respect your choice as to what communications you wish to receive and the methods by which you are sent them.

How can you change what marketing communications you receive and how you receive them?

If you decide you would no longer like to be sent marketing communications, you can change your mind at any time. The ways to stop being sent marketing communications are described below:

If you are a registered member of ApplauseStore®, you can change your marketing preferences at any time by going to the ‘My Account’ section online.

In addition, each marketing communication we send by email will also have an unsubscribe option which will allow you to stop receiving further marketing emails. You may also stop any further text messages by replying with the word “STOP”. We aim to action requests to stop being sent marketing communications within 10 working days of receiving those requests, but it is possible you will receive some marketing in the period prior to that change being made.

You may also stop any further Mobile App notifications within the application settings itself.

Please note that if you tell us that you do not wish to be sent further marketing communications, you will still receive ticket/service communications (as described above) which are necessary, for example, to confirm your booking or to provide you with an update on ticket status/time change/cancellations/travel disruption/details. If you ask us to stop sending marketing communications, please note we will retain your personal information for the purposes of indicating that you do not want to receive marketing communications.

What is our legal basis for using your personal information?

ApplauseStore® will only process your personal information where we have a legal basis to do so. The legal basis will depend on the reason or reasons ApplauseStore® collected and needs to use your information. Under EU and UK data protection laws in almost all cases the legal basis will be:

Because we need to use your information so that we can process your ticket booking.

Because it is in ApplauseStore® legitimate interests as an official television audience ticket unit to use your personal information to operate and improve our business as the world’s number one television audience ticket provider.

Because you have consented to ApplauseStore® using your information for a particular purpose.

Performance of a ticket booking with you

It will be necessary for ApplauseStore® to use your personal information to complete a ticket booking you have made with us. For example, we will need to use information such as your contact details to provide you with (not limited to) the show title, date, time, location, dress code, minimum age limit, terms & conditions, cancellations/time changes and other show information you have requested.

Who do we share your personal information with?

Your personal information may be shared with the companies within our group, which includes ApplauseStore® Productions Limited and ApplauseStore® Productions.Inc. We share information with them, so they can assist us in providing services to you and understand more about you. You will only be sent marketing emails from other companies within our group where you have provided your consent.

What countries will your personal information be sent to?

Your personal information collected by ApplauseStore® may be stored, processed and transferred between any of the countries in which ApplauseStore® operates outside the European Economic Area and the UK, enabling the use of the information in accordance with this privacy policy. By using our services, you agree to cross-border transfers of personal information.

Changes of Policy 

This policy may be revised over time as new features are added to ApplauseStore® or as we incorporate new suggestions from our members. ApplauseStore® may make improvements and/or changes in our services or products described on the site, including the terms and conditions of your use of this site, without liability. ApplauseStore® reserves the right to change these conditions at any time.

Duplicate ApplauseStore® accounts

These are strictly prohibited. If anyone is found to have duplicate accounts, all will be removed and banned from using our ticketing services in the future. 


Last updated: September 2023


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