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Terms and Conditions

The entire team here at ApplauseStore® want to ensure you have a great time at each and every show. To ensure this, please read the following:

Our Terms and Conditions below represent all our free audience tickets/eTickets and take account of the changing requirements and various legislations set out in the independent television production sector. And, most importantly, they seek to reflect the standards that you expect from the world's leading television audience ticket unit - ApplauseStore® Productions Limited.

1) By applying for our free audience tickets you agree and accept all of our Terms & Conditions:

2) All of our audience tickets are complimentary, never for sale and are, under no circumstances, transferable.

3) Sadly not everyone we send our eTickets to uses them, so we have to over-issue more tickets by a percentage to compensate for these no-shows to ensure a full venue/studio/location.

4) The Production Company, Venue/Studio/Location & ApplauseStore® have the right to refuse admission to any person. Entrance is subject to seating/venue capacity & is served on a first-come, first-served basis. **Restricted times, terms and conditions apply. All eTickets do not guarantee entrance. Please ensure that you (& your guests) arrive early. Also please ensure you do not start to queue until your entire party has arrived. Doors at some shows may open earlier for security reasons.

We cannot predict the time at which other ticket holders will choose to arrive. Occasionally there is more than one show being produced at each studio/venue, so please ensure that you join the correct line upon arrival.

Virtual audience capacity is also subject to capacity and served on a first come first served basis. 

5) The ticket holder is strictly forbidden from taking photographs, videos or any footage in the Studio (e.g. by using any mobile phone). Digital/tape recorders, radios and other forms of recording equipment are not to be taken into the venue/studio/location. In addition, no food or drink can be taken into the venue/studio/location.

6) The Production Company hereby expressly exempts (or its servants, agents and associates including ApplauseStore® Productions Ltd) and will not be responsible for any loss or damage to property or personal injury howsoever arising occurring to the ticket holder when on company premises/location. The Production Company and ApplauseStore® Productions Ltd reserve in its absolute discretion the sole right to refuse admission to any person, to cancel the performance without notice to the ticket holder and without liability to the ticket holder and to alter times of commencement and completion of recording without incurring liability. Advance notice of any such changes will be given where possible via email. There is also no reimbursement or compensation for loss of wages and/or any travel expenses due to show cancellation and/or non-entrance into the venue/studio/location.

7) By participating in this television recording, you are agreeing to allow any broadcaster the right to use the footage and give them clearance throughout the world.

8) Ticket holders are asked to strictly follow directions, Health & Safety information given to them at any time by the employees of The Production Company, Venue/Studio/Location and ApplauseStore® Productions Ltd.

9) People with disabilities and/or restricted mobility should email audience@applausestore.com to make prior arrangements for their health, safety and welfare and be accompanied by a competent helper. Please note: due to some special effects for various programmes it is necessary to use synthetic smoke. Please note strobe lighting may also be used during some recordings/transmissions.

10) All guests/artists are subject to change and/or cancellation.

11) Due to the nature of some programming there is a minimum age requirement.

12) For security reasons the venue/studio/location reserves to themselves in their absolute discretion the sole right to individual and/or bag searches before permitting entry into the Studio/Venue.

13) ApplauseStore® operates a completely FREE ticket service. However, it has been brought to our attention that some people have been selling/advertising our free tickets on various websites including eBay. We take this matter very seriously. Anyone found to be selling their ticket allocation will instantly make them void and may also face formal proceedings against them. If you have bought or know anyone advertising our free tickets for sale, we would like to hear from you.

14) Duplicate ApplauseStore® accounts are strictly prohibited. If anyone is found to have duplicate accounts, all will be removed and banned from using our ticketing services in the future. 

Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information on how we look after and collect data.

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