Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier



In his brand new comedy show, Jon Richardson analyses his many anxieties in a bid to work out exactly how worried he should be about everything there is to worry about.

Will his wife replace him with a Sex Robot? Does his face make a terrible first impression? Is anyone keeping Space tidy?

Each week Jon is joined in the studio by A-List comedians and experts, who help file the worries away in his hi tech Worriedness Index – a digital map of every anxiety he’s ever had. 

So, if you’ve ever worried about swallowing chewing gum, accidentally touching someone’s hand on the train or are simply worried about the impeding nuclear apocalypse then join our very own Ultimate Worrier.




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Show title

Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier

Location / studio

The Hospital Club, Covent Garden, WC2

Ticket age restriction

Minimum age limit 18+

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