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Top Gear 2014 BBC



Join the reserve list now for the best chance of tickets to be with Jeremy Clarkson, James May & Richard Hammond, along with top celebrity guests, amazing cars & a live studio audience! 

Drool over the latest new metal, enjoy banter with celebrity guests and see the stunts that all go together to make up the brilliant, award winning Top Gear!

Recorded on location at Dunsfold Park (Aerodrome), Surrey, this show is A MUST if you like cars that are either new, old, cheap, expensive, exciting, thrilling, pretty or just down right ugly!

This is how you join our 'Reserve List':

1. First of all register yourself on this 'Reserve List' 

2. When tickets are about to be released, we will email the reserve list first.

3. This email will give you the opportunity to request your tickets.

4. We will issue tickets on a random basis.

5. A new Reserve List will then start and this whole process will repeat.

We ask that groups of people coming to the recordings have a roughly 50/50 male/female split. This is so we don't end up with a bunch of ugly male car geeks ruining everyone's Sunday night!

NB. Only those on the reserve list will then have access to place their name on a date when the time comes.

Applause Store is the ONLY OFFICIAL TICKET UNIT to handle Top Gear studio audience tickets which are always FREE. Please do not pay for or buy tickets via online auctions or 'days out' sites as these are counterfeit and will NOT gain you access into the studio. 



VERY IMPORTANT: Applause Store operates a completely free ticket service. However, it has been brought to our attention that some people have been selling/advertising our free tickets on various web sites including Ebay. We take this matter very seriously. Anyone found to be selling their ticket allocation will instantly make them void and may also face formal proceedings against them. If you have bought or know anyone advertising our free tickets for sale, please let us know immediately.


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Show title

Top Gear 2014 BBC

Location / studio

Dunsfold Park, Godalming, Surrey GU6

Ticket age restriction

Minimum age limit 18+

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