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Dr Christian Will See You Now


Can Dr Christian Jessen Help You With A Health Issue?

Is a health problem playing on your mind? Do your symptoms impact your life and relationship?

Series 2 is in development and the team would love to hear from you - PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

Filmed in a state-of-the-art clinic with a fixed camera rig, 'Dr Christian Will See You Now' captures Dr Christian Jessen's emotional consultations with people suffering from a range of medical conditions - from fertility problems to STI's to physical conditions affecting self-esteem. Dr Christian, assisted by a crack team of specialists, helps get his patients' lives and relationships back on track.

Contact the production team direct for more info: 

Email: drchristianseries2@firecrackerfilms.com

Tel: 020 3837 7821 or 07596 585 724


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