About Us

We are the ONLY official and authorised ticket unit to handle our shows and our free tickets are not available on any other website or through any other company.

ApplauseStore® is the award-winning, one-stop-shop for free television and radio audience tickets for literally thousands of the very best music, comedy, chat, sitcom and entertainment shows produced at many different studios and locations all around the world.

Since early 2001, our professional, friendly team of top Audience Researchers have been inviting people to become a member of a studio audience and witness first-hand what really does go on "behind the scenes", see how a production is put together and see their favourite celebrities and stars in person! Depending on Broadcaster's schedules, we officially and exclusively represent television's hottest shows produced for most of the major channels including Fox, Univision, NBCNetwork Seven, Nine Network, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, E4, Five, Sky, VH1, MTV and all satellite & cable channels. Plus, at certain times throughout the year, we distribute free tickets for pilots, specials, award shows and other one-time-only television events!

We also represent television shows and productions for other top Broadcasters worldwide via our international ticket units /offices in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and the United Kingdom.

If you are in a club, association, or organisation or simply have a large group of friends who would like to come and be part of a show, then our Group Bookings Department specially arranges reservations for groups of 11 or more. Attending the filming of a TV show is a great activity and as all the tickets are free, there is NO cost to you. To order tickets simply email us at: audience@applausestore.com

We really hope that you enjoy our award-winning service and look forward to seeing you down at a studio very soon!




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