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Relative Strangers

Channel 4


Have you lost touch with your mum, dad or sibling?

Maybe you’ve seen them on social media or know where to find them.

Are you ready to make contact, but need help reaching out?

Our brand-new Channel 4 programme could help support you through the next big step. 

In today’s world, it’s never been easier to connect with people quickly.  In ‘Relative Strangers’(working title)we follow young people who are considering using social media to contact a family member they’ve never met or not seen for a long time. Whilst the simplicity of connecting online might appeal, knowing how to navigate what happens next can be difficult, without additional support. 

This programme will bring two family members together for four days, whilst they get to know each other (again), under the guidance of experienced relationship experts. Whilst not every attempt will be successful, these experts are highly experienced in helping families to reunite, and the hope is that positive and lasting relationships will be forged.

If you’re aged 17+ and would like more info email us at: RelativeStrangers@electricray.com or call us on 07719012147. 


Your application will be treated in confidence and there is no obligation to take part. If you are under 18, please ask a parent/guardian to call or email on your behalf

All data will be processed in accordance with Electric Ray’s privacy policy.


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