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Are You Single?



Are you single? Do you have feelings for someone? - Singletons wanted!

Do you have feelings for someone... but never told them?

Or perhaps you're in love with someone... but they have no idea?

Channel 5 is now casting for a brand new series that helps you finally reveal your true feelings to the person you can't stop thinking about.

The Producers want to hear from people who have their eye on someone, but not sure how to tell them. Whether it's a friend, a colleague or a neighbour, we'll help you take the plunge and finally come clean about how you feel.

For more information about the series, get in touch! It's now or never.

Text/WhatsApp ‘SECRET’ to 07710 168 268 / 07710 168 258

Call: 0203 735 9444

Email: secret@nakedentertainment.tv



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