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New Dating Series


Dragonfly are producing a new Dating Series for a popular streaming service, and we are looking for Guests to be in the background of one (or more) of the dates!

We would love for you to help fill a restaurant/bar while a date is being filmed close by

- Can be of anyone from 18+

- Must be happy to appear in the series 

- Can dine with friends/family or alone  

- Like free food and drinks? We'll have you covered!  

We will be looking to film 2-3 sittings a day on the below dates: 

Tuesday 19th July

Wednesday 20th July

Thursday 21st July

Friday 29th July

Saturday 30th July

Sunday 31st July

Saturday 6th August

Sunday 7th August  

Monday 8th August 

Please register your interest datenight@dragonfly.tv  (including Guest in the subject heading) and we will contact you with confirmed times.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Date Night Team



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